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Variance Application Form

  1. Agent on behalf of owner
  2. Before a public hearing can be scheduled before the Planning/Zoning Commission, the following information is needed from the applicant:
  3. A list of all property owners within 200’ of the subject parcel (including names and addresses). Ten sets of all documents including proposed architectural design plans, copies of a legal Plat of Survey of the subject property, topography or grading plans (if applicable - change in grade or structural elevation change). A cover letter with the above documents stating the purpose of the request. An approval letter from an association (if applicable). Payment for a zoning hearing is due at the time of application.
  4. The Planning and Zoning Commission meets the first Tuesday of each month (if there is business pending before the Commission). Hearing dates are scheduled based on meeting availability, receipt of the above documentation and payment of zoning fees. If the property is located with a townhome, condominium or Planned Unit Development area, an association approval letter is required as well. Petitioner’s Certification: I hereby certify that all documents and information provided to the Village is accurate and complete. I understand and agree that if the Village incurs legal, engineering consultant or hearing costs exceeding the application fees, such additional costs will be paid by the petitioner.
  5. Petitioner (or agent) signature
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  6. Minimum Fees Establish for Zoning Matters: (Ordinance#09-4)
    Variation (Residential) $500
    Special Use PUD Decks $500
    Variation (Commercial) $1,000
    Special Use PUD Other $1,500
    Amendment (zoning change under 1 acre) $600
    Special Use (Residential) $500
    Amendment (zoning change 1-5 acres) $1,500
    Special Use (Commercial) $1,000
    Amendment/Zoning (five + acres) $3,000
    Special Use Detached Structure $1,500
    Special Use Amend PUD (Commercial) $2,000
    Special Use Create New PUD $1,500
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