I-294 FAQ

1. There is a large open space under the Plainfield Road bridge.  What are the future plans for this space?

The open space will remain flat and be mowed by the Tollway.  

2. What will happen with the restoration of the slope on Plainfield Road and Frontage Road and the area near the underside of the bridge?  

Upon completion of the Tollway's Plainfield Road bridge reconstruction work, the construction entrance will be removed in this area and the ditch flow to the creek will be re-established to its pre-construction condition.  Regarding the embankment, the Tollway will be installing topsoil, seed, and erosion control blanket after the Tollway's work is completed in this area which is anticipated in late Spring 2023, subject to change and weather dependent.  

3. It appears that the sound wall east of the Indian Head Park portion (Burr Ridge area), as well as the sound wall north (Western Springs area), are taller than the Indian Head Park wall.  Is this true, and what is the reasoning?

The height of the noisewall depends on the ground elevation where it is being built and the relationship between the roadway and residential property.  All walls are designed to provide the same level of noise abatement.  In some locations, this can be done with a shorter wall than others.  Once the wall is high enough for the sound protection, there is no need to build it taller - there would be no difference in the benefit.  Click here to read more about noisewalls.  Additionally, the Tollway's Traffic Noise Study and Abatement Policy is available on Tollway's website along with additional resources at: https://www.illinoistollway.com/outreach/projects-in-your-community/central-tri-state-tollway-i-294#Resources.

4. There is currently a gap in the noisewall, when will that gap be closed?

Work is scheduled for Fall 2023 to complete construction on the noisewall, subject to change and weather dependent.  The gap in the noisewall will be closed, it has remained open to allow access for construction crew vehicles.    

5. Is the tollway finished with work on the overpass at Wolf Road?

No, work is still taking place in this area.  The tollway is committed to addressing the issue of water pooling under the bridge, and the Village is monitoring the situation as the work progresses.  Drainage will be improved when the project is complete.

Residents who wish to receive email updates regarding the I-294 project or have questions regarding work occurring within the Village may contact Kate Organ, Senior Manager of Communications at Omega & Associates.

Periodic Construction Updates can be found on the Tollway's website.

An overview of the Central Tri-State Tollway Corridor Improvement Project can be seen in this short video.