Building Permits

A building permit is required prior to the commencement of any construction, addition, alteration, demolition or interior/exterior remodeling affecting the structural integrity of any building structure.
  • A Building Permit Application Form may be obtained online.
  • Return the completed Building Permit Form to the Administration Office during regular business hours. 
  • Construction may not begin until a permit has been approved and issued by the Village of Indian Head Park.
  1. When to Apply
  2. Projects Requiring a Permit
  3. No Permit Required
  4. Over-the-Counter Permit

When To Apply

The time to apply for a building permit is before you start a project. Keep in mind that building permits may take a few days to process and all contractors doing work in the Village need to be registered annually.

Building Permit Fees

Please click on click on the Building Fees PDF Link to access the list of fees related to building permits.

More Information

Please refer to the Building Permit Guide for more information.