Water System Overview

The Indian Head Park Public Works Water Department is responsible for providing clean, safe, and reliable drinking water to all of our residents. The Village has approximately 16 miles of water mains serving our residents and businesses with a total of about 1,000 individual services. Our primary potable water supply is sourced from Lake Michigan via the Chicago water plant and through Countryside, Illinois. The Public Works Department personnel maintain this system throughout the year by making sure all hydrants, valves, and pumps are in good working order and maintaining the pumping station and below ground reservoir. We also maintain a standby well system in case of an emergency and loss of potable water from our normal source.
  1. A Most Precious Natural Resource
  2. Village Water Supply
We can no longer take a plentiful supply of clean water for granted. Under current conditions, water must be regarded as one of our most precious natural resources. The Village of Indian Head Park Public Works Department is committed to ensuring that an ample supply of high quality water is available for our residents and businesses.
  1. Village Water Treatment & Testing
  2. Water System Maintenance
Water samples are taken multiple times a month by the Public Works Department Water Division throughout the system to ensure that our drinking water is clean and safe. The water is fluoridated in Chicago. Chlorine is added as necessary to keep the water supply safe. All water quality standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are met by the Village of Indian Head Park Water Division.