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Indian Head Park Snow Removal



Our Public Works Department, Streets Division, provides some of the best maintained and cleared streets in the area, no matter the snow and ice conditions.  Your Public Works staff works tirelessly to make sure that the Village pavements are safe for travel at all times, and that can be quite a challenge given the bitter Winter weather.  Fortunately the village purchased a new snowplow to help keep up with any snow clearing operations needed.
The Village has 12 center lane miles.  It can take approximately 6 to 7 hours to clear the 12 miles of streets, depending on the snow intensity and length of snowfall. Cook County has responsibility for Wolf Road, while the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is responsible for snow clearing on Plainfield and Joliet Roads. We are not authorized nor funded to plow the State or County Roads.

Snow Removal Policies

When the snow begins to fall, public works staff will begin salting and plowing main streets first. This is to ensure that emergency vehicles and school buses will be able to travel safely. Then, public parking and sidewalks will be cleared. Side streets and cul-de-saacs are plowed next, followed by alleyways.

The Village of Indian Head Park adheres to a priority schedule when performing snow removal services. Please click here for the priority map used for snow removal.

Public Works cannot be called to clear private property or driveways.

Please be courteous to your neighbors and motorists; do not shovel snow back into the streets.

Snow Removal Parking Restrictions

It is critical that residents not park your vehicles on any public street any time within a 24 hour time period after an accumulation of two or more inches of snow or when snow removal is in progress.

According to Section 10.24 of the Village Code, snow emergency routes for the Village are established, prohibiting parking at any time after accumulation of two or more inches of snow and until said snow has been removed, on the following streets:

Acacia Drive

Acacia Lane

Algonquin Drive

Apache Drive

Arrowhead Court

Arrowhead Trail

Ashbrook Lane

Big Bear Court

Big Bear Drive

Blackhawk Trail

Briarwood Court

Briarwood Lane

Briarwood Square

Buttonwood Court

Cascade Drive

Cherokee Drive

Cherrywood Court

Cochise Drive

Deercrest Lane

Deercrest Square

Eastern Avenue

Edgebrook Court

Edgebrook Lane

Elmwood Court

Elmwood Drive

Elmwood Square

Frontage Road

Glenbrook Court

Glenbrook Lane

Hawthorne Square

Heatherwood Court

Hiawatha Lane

Howard Street

Indian Head Court

Indian Head Trail

Indian Wood Lane

Keokuk Drive

Laurel Avenue

Mohawk Court

Nacona Drive

Osceola Trail

Pembrook Drive

Pontiac Drive

Potawatomie Trail

Sauk Trail

Sequoya Lane

Shabbona Road

Shawnee Trail

Sioux Trail

Stonehearth Lane

Stonehearth Square

Stratford Court

Sweetwood Court

Tanglewood Court

Tecumseh Lane

Thunderbird Drive

Timber Ridge View

Vine Street

Waubansee Lane

Westwood Court

Westwood Drive

Westwood Square

65th Place

65th Street

70th Place




  Illegally parked cars that are interfering with snow plowing operations will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.  Cars are towed only when absolutely necessary and every effort is made to tow the vehicle to a nearby location. If you find that your car has been towed, call the Police Department at (708) 246-4534 for information on its location.

Maintenance of County and State Roads

The following roads are maintained by Cook County. Public Works does not have authority to do repairs, plow or maintain County roads. Please use the following phone number for concerns on these roads. Cook County – 708-448-8006 

Wolf Road Plainfield Road

The following roads are maintained by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Public Works does not have authority to do repairs, plow or maintain State roads. Please use the following phone number for concerns on these roads. Illinois Dept. of Transportation – 847-705-4228 

Joliet Road Willow Springs Road

Curbside Mailboxes

Snow plow drivers make every effort to plow as close to the edge of the street as possible.  But during heavy snowfalls, especially on cul-de-sacs, it is very difficult to completely clear the snow without risking damage to mailboxes or posts.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the resident to remove snow from around the mailbox to assure uninterrupted delivery of mail.
If you believe your curbside mailbox was damaged by a Village snow plow, call the Public Works Department at (708) 246-3154 to report it.  Every effort will be made to repair your mailbox.  If that is not possible, it will be replaced with a standard-issue metal mailbox and/or wood post.  The Village is not responsible for mailboxes damaged during snow plowing if the original mailboxes violate Village Code.  The Village will not repair mailboxes damaged by non-Village vehicles.


Residents are not required to shovel the sidewalk adjacent to their property.  However, the Village encourages all residents to clear their sidewalk for the safety of pedestrians and children walking to school.  This will help avoid creating slippery conditions for pedestrians.  State law protects property owners from any added liability if they shovel their sidewalks.

Placement of Snow on Village Streets and Parkways

When shoveling snow on private property, do not blow or throw snow into an already plowed street, as this action can create a hazardous condition.  Village ordinances prohibit plowing, blowing, or shoveling of snow into the street or onto a parkway across from your property.  We realize it is sometimes difficult to find a place to deposit snow, but putting it in a street or a parkway not adjacent to your property could result in a fine.  In addition, the resident can be held personally liable for the creation of a hazardous condition.  Merchants are not permitted to dump snow from parking lots onto public streets or parkways.

Placement of Refuse and Recycling Containers or Bags for Pick-Up

All refuse and recycling container/bags must be placed at the back of the curb, off the pavement to prevent interference with Village snowplowing operations.  This is critical, as the interference from waste containers or bags significantly impacts plowing time and leads to a more costly operation.  Residents will be ticketed  and fined if containers or bags are not kept off the street and out of the curbs at all times.  (See also the Groot website at www.groot.com for information on their pick-up schedule and the availability of small waste container without charge.)

Parkway Restoration

Snow plows, water main repairs, sewer repairs, and street light repairs all take their toll on the parkway areas.  If Village equipment has damaged the parkway area in front of your home, please call the Public Works Department at 708-246-1233 to request that your name be added to our parkway restoration list for repairs in the spring.

snowflakeWinter Preparedness

During the winter weather months, be alert for radio and television announcements of impending heavy snowstorms.  During extreme or severe weather conditions, the Village may also post pertinent information on Cable Channel 6.  When emergency weather conditions are predicted, protect yourself and your family by taking these steps:

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Public Works Department at 708-246-1233.

Partial list of available contacts for emergency closing information:

Know Your Winter Weather Terms

When winter is around the corner, the National Weather Service urges residents to keep abreast of local forecasts and warnings and familiarize themselves with key weather terminology. Click here for more.

Beat the Cold

Winter brings with it dangerously cold temperatures that can cause health and safety problems if you are not prepared. If you have any older relatives, neighbors or friends, check on them often to make sure they are okay. If they do not have heat, call their local municipality or township about warming centers.

The following tips available here along with a little common sense should come in handy as long winter is around.

What to Tell Children about Winter Storms

For information on informing your children about winter safety, click here.

A Guide to Safe Winter Driving

Cook County residents need to prepare for winter. This includes our driving habits as well as our vehicles. Click here for some tips that may prove helpful when driving in the winter months.

The above information is courtesy of the Cook County Sheriff's Emergency Management Agency.

Additional information regarding winter storm preparedness can be obtained from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency website.

The National Weather Service, FEMA and the Red Cross have jointly produced a document titled "Winter Storms - The Deceptive Killers" which can be downloaded here in pdf format.

Additionally, you can visit the National Weather Service website for more information as well as severe weather alerts.