Village Hall Address:
201 Acacia Drive
Indian Head Park, IL. 60525



Village Administrator:

John DuRocher (ext. 104)

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Administration Department

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Administration Staff and Functions

The Village Administration Department consists of the following key staff members:

The Administration Department is responsible for the oversight of most Village operations, excluding Police, Public Works, Fire, and Emergency Medical functions. Administration is the primary point of contact for residents, local businesses and visitors to our community. The Administration Department provides vital functions in the areas of finance, community development, and communications.

The Village of Indian Head Park has a full time Village Administrator who has the following key responsibilities:

Hours of Operation

Monday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm  
Tuesday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed
Holidays Closed (click for list)


Village of Indian Head Park Phone Numbers

Administration  708-246-3080, Fax 708-246-7094
  • Building and Zoning (ext. 101)
  • Business Licenses (ext. 104)
  • Contractor Licenses (ext. 100)
  • Finance (ext. 107)
  • Gaming Licenses (ext. 104)
  • Liquor Licenses (ext. 104)
  • Notary Services (ext. 107)
  • Parks (ext. 100)
  • Public Records Requests (ext. 100)
  • Resale Inspections (ext. 100)
  • Smoke Signals Advertising (ext. 100)
  • Solicitation Permits (ext. 101)
  • Tree Removal Permits (ext. 100)
  • Uility Billing (ext. 100 or 103)
  • Vehicle Stickers (ext. 100 or 103)
  • Voter Registration (ext. 100)
  • Yard Waste Stickers (ext. 100)

Police      dial 911 (emergency), 708-246-4534 (non-emergency)

  • Animal Registration (ext. 110)
  • Overnight Parking Requests
  • Vacation Watch Requests

Public Works      708-246-1233

  • Forestry (Tree Permits)
  • Roads
  • Snow Removal
  • Water & Sewer System

Heritage Center  708-246-5200

Drop Box

There is a drop box at the north end of the Administration office parking lot. This drop box is for all Village related items such as letters and water payments. Payments to other entities, such as monthly condo assessments, should be submitted directly to the association or entity.

Utility Billing

Indian Head Park supplies water and sewer services to some, but not all of its residents. For those residents who are serviced by the LaGrange Highlands Sanitary District, more information is available by calling (708) 246-5657. Utilty billing applies to residents receiving their water and sewer services from Indian Head Park. The utility bill reflects the cost of maintaining our underground sewer line and our water distribution system. It also includes the cost of purchasing water from the Village’s water supplier, the City of Countryside.

Please click here for Indian Head Park Utility Billing information.

Vehicle Stickers

Vehicle stickers are required for all motor vehicles registered or housed in the Village of Indian Head Park. The current year vehicle sticker must be displayed on the windshield to avoid ticketing by the Indian Head Park Police. New residents have 30 days from moving in to purchase and display the vehicle sticker. Residents with new vehicles have 30 days from the date of purchase to display the current year vehicle sticker.

For more information, please visit the Vehicle Sticker Page.

Yard Waste Stickers

For your convenience, Groot Recycling yard waste stickers are available for purchase at the Village Administration Office. They are available at cost ($2.77 each).

 Yard waste stickers may be purchased in quantities of 5 with exact cash or by credit card (subject to a 2% banking/convenience fee)

5 Stickers -  $13.85

10 Stickers - $27.70

15 Stickers - $41.55

20 Stickers -  $55.40

Annual Contractor's License

The Village of Indian Head Park issues Contractor Licenses to ensure that only licensed and insured contractors operate in the Village.

Any individual or company that wishes to do business within the village must first complete and submit a Contractor's License application. Click here for the application.

Plumbing, electric, and roofing contractors will need to present their professional license. All contractors must present a certificate of insurance. Fees are $75 for general contractors and $50 for all other contractors. Licenses are valid for one year from day of issuance.

Contractors performing work without obtaining a license will be fined. The Indian Head Park Police Department patrols the village regularly to ensure that only licensed contractors are doing business in the village. Residents are encouraged to verify that the contractors they are hiring are licensed to do business in the village. Residents concerned about unlicensed contractors in their area are encouraged to contact the non-emergency Police Department at 708-245-4534.

Business License

The Village of Indian Head Park issues business licenses to establishments located in the Village of Indian Head Park. Please click here for the Indian Head Park Business License Application. Businesses requiring a liquor license may download the application here.

Solicitation Permit

Any individual or company that wishes to solicit business door-to-door must first complete and submit a Solicitation Permit Application available here and the Waiver for Solicitation Permit available here. The permitted hours for solicitation per the Municipal Code is 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Residents have the right to inquire if a solicitor has the necessary village permit. If a solicitor does not have the required permit, the resident may contact the non-emergency Police Department at 708-246-4534. Residents wishing to prevent door-to-door solicitors may obtain free "No Solicitation" decals at the Police Department during business hours.

Animals and Annual Dog Registration

Please click here for the Ordinance Chapter 6.04 on Animals Generally which outlines animals prohibited in Indian Head Park as well as the laws governing animal waste and animals running at large.

Residents are required to register their dogs annually with the Village by obtaining a dog identification tag. Tags are available at the Village Hall or the Police Department beginning May 15 of each year and expire July 15th of the following year. There is no cost for the dog tag.

The Village of Indian Head Park provides this service to the residents to ensure that all dogs in the village have up-to-date vaccinations. This keeps the dogs in the village safe. It also allows the police to identify a dog if need be.

Dog owners need to bring in a copy of the dog's current vaccination records to the Village Hall in order to obtain the required dog tag.

Please click here for the Ordinance Chapter 6.08 on Dogs.

Village Parks

The Administration Department is responsible for overseeing the use and maintenance of the village parks in conjunction with the Public Works Department. Should you have a maintenance issue please contact the Public Works Department at 708-246-1233. All other inquireies should be directed to the Administration Department at 708-246-3080. Please click here for information on the parks available in Indian Head Park.

Notary Services

The Village office staff will notarize documents for Indian Head Park residents only. The service is free of charge. The documents must be your own and you must appear and sign the documents in front of the notary. We cannot notarize signatures that are already signed. A drivers license or state I.D. is required.

Voter Registration Information

You may register to vote at the Village Administration Office during regular business hours.

Voter Eligibility Requirements:

  1. a citizen of the United States
  2. 18 years of age or older on or before the next election
  3. Provide two (2) forms of identification (one must show your current address).

Acceptable Forms of Identification:

Please note that if you are a Naturalized citizen you will need to bring your citizenship document.

If you recently moved to your current address and do not have any identification at that address, you may use a piece of mail postmarked within the last 30 days, such as a utility bill.

Helpful Links:

To check your voter status or the location of your polling place, click here.

For more information about the elections, visit the Cook County Board of Elections web site: Cook County Clerk’s Election Department.

Visit the voter registration page or the Illinois State Board of Elections website for requirements and additional information.

Village Communications

The Village of Indian Head Park employs a variety of communication tools for the residents and businesses in the community. Keeping residents and businesses connected and involved in the community is an important goal of the Village Board.

Village Newsletter

Smoke Signals, the Village of Indian Head Park newsletter, is mailed to residents and businesses four times a year. Please click here for a link to the Smoke Signals webpage.

NOTE: Begining January 1, 2017 the Smoke Signals newsletter will be an online publication that residents may subscribe to or view through the Indian Head Park website. Limited hardcopies will be available at the Village Administration Office.

Video of Village Board Meetings

Videos of prior Board of Trustees monthly meetings are available here.

Village Holidays

The Village Administration office is closed the following days in 2016:

Friday January 1
Monday May 30
Friday July 1
Monday July 4
Monday September 5
Thursday November 24

Friday November 25

Friday December 23
Monday December 26

Helpful Phone Numbers and Links




Comcast 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489)
ComEd 800-334-7661
Consumer Information Center 888-878-3256
Consumer Product Safety Commission 800-638-2772
Cook County Department of Public Health 708-344-6052
Groot 800-244-1977
Passport information 312-341-6020
Secretary of State Driver's License Facilities 312-793-1000
Social Security Administration 800-772-1213
Nicor 888 642-6748