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Utility Billing for

Water and Sewer Services


This page is for residents who have water and sewer services provided by the Village of Indian Head Park.  For those residents who are serviced by the LaGrange Highlands Sanitary District, more information is available by calling (708) 246-5657.

What is the Utility Bill?

Your utility bill reflects the cost of maintaining our underground sewer line, and our water maintenance system. It also includes the cost to purchase water from the Village’s water supplier, the City of Countryside.

Utility bills for water and sewer services are processed through the Village of Indian Head Park Water Department, located at the IHP Village Hall.

When do the bills come out/due?

Residential water bills are billed out quarterly by the Utility Billing staff at the end of every third month (January-March, April -June, July-September, & October-December).

Payment is due on or before the due date by 5 p.m. Any payments received after 5 p.m. on the due date are considered late (this includes payments dropped in the drop box after 5 p.m.).

Which amount do I pay?

If paid ON or BEFORE the due date by 5 p.m., pay the AMOUNT DUE. If paid AFTER the due date, pay the Penalty Amount Due.

How can I pay my bill?

Pay Your Water/Sewer Bill Online

You can now pay your water/sewer bill online utilizing the State of Illinois' ePay program.
(A service fee will apply - see ePay site for details)

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Please click here to access the ePay system.

How We Calculate your Water and Sewer Bill

Residential water and sewer rates were adjusted effective January 1, 2016. The first bill reflecting the new rates was mailed to residents on April 25, 2016 for the period 1/1/16 through 4/1/16. Please click here for information on how the Water and Sewer bill is calculated.

Residential Water and Sewer Rates

effective January 1, 2016 - billed quarterly

Water: $10.90 per 1,000 gallons plus $33 service availability charge per unit per month
Sewer: $0.60 per 1,000 gallons plus $11 service svailability charge per unit per month

Please click here to view the Water/Sewer Rate Increase Letter dated 2/19/16

For rate inquiries or billing questions, please call 708-246-3080 and speak with Linda Merrifield (ext. 100) or Dale Strazzante (ext. 103).

Establishing Water/Sewer Service

In order to establish water/sewer utility service, new residents must fill out a New Water Account application, provide the Village with a copy of their government issued photo identification and pay a $250 security deposit. Please make checks payable to the Village of Indian Head Park; include your account number and "Security Deposit" on your check, so that your payment will be applied accurately. Residents may apply in person at the Village Hall at 201 Acacia Drive.

Please click here for the New Water Account Application.

As part of an identity theft protection program the Village of Indian Head Park is making changes regarding information collected from residents for water service accounts. This program is in place to help protect customers, employees, and the Village from problems associated with or caused by the loss or misuse of sensitive information which could be used in the theft of identity of an individual.

New and existing customers will be monitored for “red flags” (patterns, practices or specific activity) that indicate the possible existence of identity theft. With the formulation of an Identity Theft Prevention Policy, the Village of Indian Head Park is in compliance with the Federal Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act of 2003. For more information, please call the Village Administration Department at 708-246-3080.

Discontinuing Water/Sewer Service

A final water read needs to be done prior to closing or you will not be able to obtain the transfer stamps. Please click here for the form to close an Indian Head Park Water Account. Once the Administration Department obtains the information contained within the form a final water read can be scheduled. Please call 708-246-3080, ext. 100 if you have questions.