Overview of Indian Head Park Sewer System

  1. An Overview of the Sewer System

    The Sewer Division is responsible for flood control (creeks, public drainage ways, detention ponds, and storm sewers) and the sanitary sewer system (sanitary sewers) in the Village of Indian Head Park.

  2. Plumbing & Sewer System Upgrades

    Overhead plumbing prevents sewer backups into the basement should the village sewer mains become overloaded or blocked.

  3. Sewer Maintenance & Repairs

    The condition that ultimately leads to a problem occurs over a long period of time.

  4. Storm Drainage Maintenance

    It is illegal to deposit any type of debris including branches, leaves, grass clippings or dirt into or adjacent to any creeks, ponds, wetlands detention basins, ditches or other areas that periodically collect and convey storm waters.