Mayor's Message

March, 2018

Spring is almost here, and as usual many new changes are taking shape within our Village!

With the new Fiscal Year just around the corner, starting on May 1st, our Village Administrator John DuRocher and Finance Manager, Argelia Garbacz are putting the final adjustments on the 2018-2019 Budget. Aside from the Annual Audit, the Village Budget is the most important document that the Village produces in any given year. The Village Administrator and Finance Manager’s goals are for the budget to present a plan for:

  1. Implementation of the Village Board’s goals and objectives.
  2. A method to pay for capital assets using “pay as you go” financing.
  3. Encouragement of intergovernmental cooperation.
  4. Execution of a balanced budget spending plan where revenues exceed expenses.

Over the past two years, myself, the Village Board, as well as the Village Administrator and Finance Manager have worked hard to implement the idea of “Transparency First”. Our hopes in stressing this idea is so every resident is able to, at any time access Indian Head Park Financial records, as well as the Annual Budget. Please visit our Transparency Portal, on the Indian Head Park website, which serves as a “One Stop Shop” to access the Village Financial Records, and the 2018-2019 Annual Budget once it is passed.

Moving right along, the Village Board has approved to hire on Village Economic Consultant, Dan Gardner with Houseal Lavigne Associates, to help our Economic Development Committee meet our future goals to make Indian Head Park more richly diverse. Recently, The Dome Restaurant and two other properties have been demolished on the west side of Wolf Road just north of the I-294 overpass, which opens up possibilities for future growth. The Economic Development Committee meetings are open to the public, and we encourage residents to come and share their opinions and ideas of our Village’s growth. For future meeting information please view our Village Calendar, or call Village Hall for details at 708-246-3080.

Last but not least, please do not forget that the 2018-2019 Village Vehicle Stickers go on sale May 1st through June 30th, 2018. Please note that on July 1st, 2018 the Village Vehicle Stickers double in price, so mark the dates on your calendar. All vehicles housed or registered in the Village of Indian Head Park, must display an IHP Sticker. I encourage all residents to sign up on our Village website to receive important notifications, and reminders (ie: Village Vehicle Stickers). Residents can sign up for alerts ranging from the Police Department, Community Alerts, and even the Public Works Department. To receive these alerts please sign up on our Stay Informed Portal, and personalize what you would like to be alerted & informed about! 

Please let me know about any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. You may also use the Concern or Compliment or Community Voice features within the website under Residents.

Thank you, 

Mayor Hinshaw