Mayor's Message

Hello to my fellow Indian Head Park residents. As we end 2018, the health of our Village is strong. Our financial position is secure with about $1,800,000 in the bank, about four months of cash on hand, which is what our Finance Committee has stated to be our goal for cash reserves. We are moving forward with capital projects in the Village which include $2,000,000 in water main projects over the next two years.  Road replacement and repairs continue to happen each year and we are working on updating our capital plan to address some fairly new issues with storm water management across the Village. The board is continuing to follow the ongoing capital improvements plan that has been set in place, as their guideline.

On other news, the Village received a $68,000 grant from “Invest in Cook” to review options for improvements to make Wolf Road in Indian Head Park a “complete street”. The “complete street” term means that the road would have sidewalks, curbs, gutters and turn lanes. The grant with the County Review will determine what options we have to get to a complete street. My goal is to have a wider Wolf Road, with a sidewalk/pedestrian path on both sides of Wolf Road. In the meantime, the Village received a grant of about $1,200,000 for the reconstruction of Acacia Drive. This includes the installation of a sidewalk along Acacia Drive.

The Village will be switching our 911 call center from Southwest Central Dispatch over to the Cook County Dispatch Center. We have been a member of SWCD for the last 13 years. When the switchover occurs there will no service interruption, and our Police Department will have better technology. Overall, as a Village we will save $10,000 a month by our switch, and will also migrate away from CODE RED to SMART911. Please sign up for SMART911 as soon as you can, please visit to do so.

On the business front, our Economic Development Committee, along with the Planning & Zoning Commission, are working hard to improve our commercial districts. One long term resident has described the work being done as the “best thing in our Village in the last thirty years”. If you have not seen the plans, please review them on our web site at

Some recent discussions in the Village have been about the I-294 Tollway work, residential fences and Sterigenics a company in Willowbrook. Each is a story within itself, more information is available on each issue at our web site, or let me know if you would like an update and I can provide that for you. Please note, we have a service on our web site, the Concern and Complaint Portal, where you can fill out a “work” ticket on an issue you would like the Village to look at. You also can sign up to receive Village news, meeting updates and much more.

Our beautiful Village was named the 27th Best Suburban Community in the Nation by the community related website Niche. Please take a look at the list at I am very proud to serve as your Village President, and it is wonderful that we have been recognized as the fantastic community that we are. I am available to address your community group, condo association, club, or neighborhood coffee to address all things Indian Head Park. 

Lastly,  I encourage all residents to sign up on our Village website to receive important notifications, and reminders (ie: Village Vehicle Stickers). Residents can sign up for alerts ranging from the Police Department, Community Alerts, and even the Public Works Department. To receive these alerts please sign up on our Stay Informed Portal, and personalize what you would like to be alerted & informed about! 

Please let me know about any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. You may also use the  Concern or Compliment or Community Voice features within the website under Residents. 
Happy to hear from you at or 708-497-9745.

Happy Holidays, 

Mayor Hinshaw